St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church, St.Thomas Mount family units were formed with the sole purpose to co-ordinate the activities of the community. These family units will bring together all families living in close proximity and their equal involvement in all church matters. The focus of the activities of Family Units is to reflect, learn, cultivate Christian values and oneness amongst the church members living in the area. Currently there are 07 family units.

Family unit Co-ordinators 2018
01 St James Sebastian M K line 02 Lourde Matha Bindu Kurian line 03 St George Lijo Thomas line 04 St Antony Reji Jose line 05 St Vianney C J Wilson line 06 St Mathew Milju Mathew line 07 St Alphonsa line 08 St Sebastian line 09 Others bottom
top St.James st james St.Thomas Mount - Ekkattuthangal Area
Kudumbha Kootaimah - 1st Saturday - 6:30pm
01 Reji M Xavier Rani Reji line 02 Kuriakose Antony Anila Kuriakose line 03 Col. James Joseph Laila James line 04 Thomas Antony Annamma Thomas line 05 Abhilash Mathew Jency M Jose line 06 Victor Martin Joji Victor line 07 Sebastian M K Lucy Sebastian line 08 C J Devassia Ancy Devassia line 09 Anoop K Joy Nismin Jose line 10 C Antony Peter line 11 Alex Thomas line 12 Salij Jose bottom